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All of my long-form thoughts on various topics, collected in chronological order. If you like my articles, I would be very happy about a coffee.

How I roast my own coffee

The time has come. I have started roasting my own coffee beans.

How I stopped drinking alcohol

I remember a sunny Saturday when I drank several bottles of champagne with two friends. Yes, within 12 hours. I think that sums it up quite well.

Is my home espresso worth the investment?

We have all been there, standing in line at the local café, the comforting hum of the espresso machine in the background, and the anticipation of that perfect shot. But as I handed over 2.50€ for a single espresso, I could not help but do some quick mental math...

How I prepared for the role of team leader

The year 2024 has started with a major career change, as I am now the Lead Sales Engineer for Europe at Cognigy. How did I prepare for this?

How did I actually become a dance teacher?

It is Saturday, I am sitting on the sofa and planning my dance lesson for tomorrow. Suddenly the thought occurs to me: "How on earth did I become a dance teacher?"

Do I have a bullshit job?

Well, I am employed as a so-called Senior Sales Engineer. When I first started at Cognigy in Jan. 2019, I did not even know such a job title exists. As a German kid from a small town that grew up as a son of a doctor and a nurse, honestly, this was American movie stuff for me. So, what does it mean?

Why do I work?

I see reports like "Gen Z vs. Boomer", read books like "The World Is Ending, And I’m Still Supposed to Work?", hear about shortage of skilled workers and claims that nobody wants to work anymore. Especially the younger generations, the Generation Z (1996 - 2013). What motivates me to work almost every day and even enjoy it?